5 Little Weapon

It was an obscure day at work, not a cloud in the sky and the office was unusually empty on a Friday. After seeing that none of his clients would be in this afternoon, Rick gave his cute, but shy secretary "Eileen" the rest of the day off. He had thought about revealing his secret to her at times, but she did not satisfy his superficial desires (she has only one leg and one eye). Before he could close up his thriving private therapy office, there was a soft knock at the door. On the other side stood one of the most gorgeous women he had ever seen.

Caramel skin; lengthy, silky black hair; long, toned legs combined with a flat stomach and full D-cup breasts. Some of the prettiest big brown eyes to grace the earth accentuated with full, pouty lips. She signed her name as "Alisha" and desperately pleaded a moment of Rick's time. She slowly sat down on his chair and began to speak in detail about her innermost secrets, her deepest sexual desires that were simply not being fulfilled by her loving boyfriend of three years. As she went into even more explicit detail about her unfulfilled fantasies, she saw that he was playing with himself from behind his desk. Seeing that he was aroused by her innermost thoughts, she offered him the chance to help her fulfill them. They quickly hopped in her Mercedes and within forty-five minutes were sipping Patron in her living room.

Seeing how tipsy she was, he slowly slid down her moist panties and dropped them to the floor, landing with a soft plop. As she moved she positioned herself on the edge of the couch so he could eat her better, he quickly maneuvered her around with her back up against the back of the chair, upside down so that the alcohol and blood would completely rush to her head. He teased her as his touch gently brushed in between her thighs before shoving his face in between her legs and within seconds, her body filled with waves of ecstasy. After a backbreaking orgasm, she told him to stand up so she could return the favor. As she tugged off his boxers, out whipped an erection of three inches of penis. Trying to conceal the look of shock on her face, she quickly decided to continue due to the mind-blowing orgasm he gave her.

As she put it inside of her mouth, she felt an eruption. The dick had begun to grow and expand while inside of her mouth, touching her tonsils before she quickly let go of it. "How do you like my secret" Rick said with a smirk stretching across his face. Alisha wasted no time answering as she quickly began to lick, suck and slurp, making it her mission to tame this beast. After a few minutes of some of her expert head game, she finally gave up and spread her legs on the couch so that her "other" lips could test this monster. As he prepared to enter her, she replied "no glove, no love". He quickly opened his wallet and pulled out a new brand of Trojan condom, encased in a gold wrapper with a orange stripe across. The Fishnet condom, manufactured specifically for the Fishnet Condom Clique. As he slowly entered her, his dick expanded once again, filling her insides and gripping her body with a sense of euphoria.

He quickly flipped her onto her stomach and began to enter her once again, her walls pulsating and earth-shattering moans echoing throughout her home. He pulled out and spread her legs on the couch, her ass propped up in the air, and entered her. Unable to escape his grasp, she came with such force that she blacked out after only five strokes. Leaving her lying on the couch, he braced for the most gratifying session of their sexual encounter. He made his way to her bathroom and all that was heard was the trinkling of water as he began washing up in her sink, unknown to the world as her snoring blanketed her home.


  1. Little Weapon hunh? good concept, LOVES it! But I gotta admit I think I was secretly hoping the one eye, one legged woman would get to experience that LMAO!!!

  2. i'm all HOT & BOTHERED....looking for my MONSTER d*ck LOL...funny

  3. Im Expecting U To Delete This Comment..
    But Yea..I Wasnt Trying To Plagarzie Or Anything But when i Right Clicked On My Keyboard By Accident It Said Somefin About Plagiarism..So I Knew It Was Talkin bout Copying nd Pasting nd Blah..Then I Was Curious nd I Tried High Lighting nd Pressing Ctrl C. It Worked. So I Jus Wanted To Tell U About The Ctrl C Trick..People Can Still Copy nd Paste ur Shit.. So Becareful..Great Blog.. lol

  4. @anon....I know..LOL! It's just a default for the not so smart ppl...and the thieves usually fit in the not so smart category :-P Thanks tho! Hope you enjoy the site!


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