7 Pinkberry

On this night, I just wanna taste you.
I wanna taste you, not penetrate.
I wanna make you smile. I wanna hear you moan.
You don't have to take off your clothes.
I just want you to spread 'em and let me caress your pinkberry.

Baby, I can only beg you to let me taste you.
Think of what I can do?
I wanna kiss your pinkberry.
I wanna be gentle with your pinkberry.
I wanna love your pinkberry.
I wanna be sensual with your pinkberry.

Let me lick it from the top to the bottom.
Just me and you.
You had a hard day at work.
No massages today.
Just let me have a sip of your pinkberry.
You deserve that much after working so hard.
Relax your body.
I wanna take my tongue and lick fuck you in your pinkberry.
I wanna stick my tongue inside
...deep as I can..
wiggling my tongue all around your pinkberry.
Baby, just close your eyes and share your pinkberry.

I love you sooo much baby!
This is for you.
Imagine me licking you.. no hands needed.
From the first kiss to the sucking on your knot
Your juices flow from my lips to my chin
from your Pinkberry..
Let me suck on your pinkberry for 45 minutes.
This is how I feel everyday for you, Sunshine!

my tongue and lips made you forget how good this dick is..


  1. damn 45 minutes? this nigga gonna have lockjaw.

  2. ^^^lmao @ lockjaw! sounds good to me! LOL!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. ^^^^had to say it twice hunh? CTFU!

  5. Lawd, long as the tongue is still working stay locked on that shit...owwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


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