12 Ho Shit Manual Pt. 1

Here is the official "Ho Shit Manual" as written by the queen of ho shit! Quite frankly, this manual has been done many times by Karrine Steffans but I'd like to break it down even further. I will continue to add to this manual as I see fit as I am the ho shit queen and I am free to do whatever I want.

First the definition of Ho Shit:
  1. Ho Shit (verb): to perform inappropriate, most likely sexual or taboo acts that are out of your regular nature. It is not required that ho shit be used in a sexual context. Ho shit can be used as any activity that some may deem "loose" whether it results in sexual contact or not.
This weekend I am going to do some ho shit!

  • Ho Shit Weekend is from Thursday after 5pm to Sunday 11:59pm. Any ho shit that takes place outside of this time frame is downright nasty and disgusting and you should feel ashamed you heathen!
  • During Ho Shit hours you are allowed to do anything you want. Want to fuck a baboon with anal beads while burning incense? Its all on you. For the sake of ho shit though, keep it safe!
  • Never disrespect another person while they are engaging in ho shit activities. During Ho shit weekend everything and everybody is fair game. If you're worried about my ho'in, you obviously ain't doing your own ho'in.
  • No ho shit is to take place at church, in a school or in the kitchen of a fancy restaurant.
  • If you do ho shit for money, you're a ho.
  • Ho shit is not done by PROFESSIONAL hoes. Professional hoes don't do ho shit, to them its called work!
  • Ho shit weekend only extends outside of the normal hours during holidays and on New Years
  • Ho shit music is music that requires you to somehow have your buttocks no more than 3 inches from the ground. Any exceptions to this would be songs that requires you to gyrate body parts for over 15 seconds at a time, songs that result in you being in the "face down ass up" position and any songs that require you to youtube the choreography before going to the club.

Again, as time goes on I'm going to continue to add on to this manual! Feel free to add to the ho shit manual in the comments as well :-)

Now let the ho shit begin!!


  1. Bwahahahahahah shit this manual breaks down hoe shit perfectly.

  2. Tomorrow @ exactly 5:01pm....

    I won't be able to confirm or deny that "anal beads" will or won't be in my future.



  3. Keep it real for ho shit's sake Odara! haha

  4. Wooooooooow!! This is fan-fucking-tastic!!

    Come check me out and tell me if you like what I've got going on!

  5. LMAO!! this is too funny...and sooo right!

    Hoe Shit tendancies

    - going to the club with no undies on

    - going anywhere with no undies on

    - having a ho shit purse different from your regular purse (you know with the condom's, ky jell, all the freaky stuff)

    there's more but I can't give away all the ho shit

  6. YEAH BUDDY! I knew that pic would be of value =) HOE SHIT RULES!!!!

  7. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanx for breaking it down...

  8. haaaa! its after 5pm! lets the gammessssss begin!! **throws the boxers to the corner**

  9. LMAO @ William H

    YEEEEEEEES!!! Ho Shit has started!!!

  10. welp, now im ready for the world of ho shit. thamks! ;-)

  11. "No ho shit is to take place at church, in a school or in the kitchen of a fancy restaurant."


  12. Ho Shit Weekend Purse for Sale! All the essential items needed for a safe, memorable, Ho Shit weekend. Included:
    -3 pair of new lace boyshorts in nude, black & red
    -12 condoms assorted brands, sizes & flavors
    -Like a Virgin pussy tightening cream
    -bondage kit
    -3 different lubricants, water based, silicone (
    good for water play) , strawberry flavored water based
    -edible body paints
    -Baby wipes
    -long wig (color of choice)
    -doggy poo bags (to clean up your mess and dispose at ur own risk)

    Get em While they're HOT!!!



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