5 First Time Friday: I Almost Called Him Mister

I heard people say that your first time wouldn’t be good but I didn’t think it would have been like Celie’s and Mister’s in the Color Purple.

I was 28 and a virgin. Somedays I was proud of the fact that I waited, other days I wondered “what the fuck am I waiting for”. My friend Mark caught me on a WTF kind of day.

Let me give you a little background on me and Mark. We have been friends for over five years. He knew I was a virgin; he would tell me things like, I'm messing up because I’m waiting too long and he would question my decision to wait. Mark even talked bullshit to me saying if he got in my bed buck naked I wouldn’t know what to do. Of course I talked bullshit right back insisting with confidence that I would.

I had just bought a flat screen T.V. and needed it mounted to the wall. Mark volunteered to be my handy man as he always does. After he was done putting up the TV I offered him a drink. He said he would only have one if I had one too. So I fixed us drinks and we watched the perfectly mounted TV. Mark told me he couldn’t stay long because he had plans with his boys to watch the playoff game. Which was cool with me I got my TV mounted and I got to spend some chill time with Mark. Two hours passed and he hadn’t made a move to leave my apartment. Mark announced that he was going to my bedroom to lie down in my bed naked and he dared me to get in bed with him.

Curiosity got the best of me so I went into my bedroom. He was in my bed with only his black tank top on. I got in bed with my t-shirt and panties on. Mark wanted me to take off my panties. I told him that I was shy; he said he would put the pillow over his head so he could not see me if that would help. He did and I took off my panties. I pulled the covers back and there was Mark's soldier standing at full attention. I looked at it. It was a normal length and more flat then round. Mark picked me up and tried to place me on his dick. I say tried because this dude could not find the hole. When he did find it I kept jumping because the shit hurt. I was so uncomfortable and so nervous he must he felt it because he said “your heart is beating so fast” and I said “no shit”. His cell phone started to ring; he said that was his boys wondering where he was. His cell must have rung 7 or 8 different times; each time he said it was his boys.

I guess Mark got frustrated because he flipped my ass on my back and he got on top.. He tries to enter me again; I pulled back when he pushed his dick in my vagina. Mark say’s over and over “it’s almost in” I am thinking “is this it, is this what I waited 28 years for”. While this is going through my head he is still tryna get to take my first fruits. I was not feeling him or the situation. I wanted him to stop before he popped my cherry; I told him to get off me. Again he said “it’s almost in” with more force I said “get up”.

He got up frustrated and told me that I would have to use my hand to finish him because I had gotten him excited. That made one of us. So I started to use my hand and as I am jacking him off he said “I would prefer something else”. I pretended not to hear him, because I know for sure this dude has bumped his head askin for some head when he hadn't even managed to make me the least bit wet. And he had the nerve to ask three more times. I think he realized that I was not about to suck his dick so he stopped asking and puts his fingers in my dry vagina. It felt like he was starching it. Again I am thinking to myself “wow….is this it” what happened to the kissing, touching, and caressing; where was the foreplay. I wanted this experience to end.

After he came from me jacking him off I wiped his busted nut on his black tank top. Mark asked for a towel and I was glad to get it to get away from him. He got dressed and left.

Mark and I are still friends. He's still tryna get me in bed…but after what happened with us the first time...that’s not gonna happen.


  1. omg this was soooooo funny. LOL

  2. Horrible...

    and you're better than me, because WE would not be friends...that was some selfish ish. (from the outside looking in).

    But hey...the only way from there is up...

  3. What's a solider with no skill with his M16? USELESS.... HOW DREADFUL!

    tre unfortunate mama...lawd have mercy...

  4. That shit is horrible and you still friends with his ass smh lawd we women are so screwed up silly ass backwards creatures. Le-sigh.

  5. ^^^^ where the hell you been?!


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