2 Cure For All

The year was 2012 when they discovered The Cure for HIV and all the other pesky sexually transmitted diseases. I was 22 years old and had never experienced sex without a condom. To say I was cautious was an understatement. I didn't lose my virginity until I was 19 and I had only been with 4 men by year 2012. I didn't jump for joy when it was the big news either. I didn't believe it at first, I thought it was too good to be true. All my girls were down at their Gyno's right away getting the vaccine. They great thing about it was if you already had something it would be cured and never would you be able to catch it again. I waited about 5 months to finally go down and let my doctor stick that needle in my butt. My girls were having too much fun fucking this guy and that guy, and I wanted in on the action. I finally got my ass in gear and threw caution to the wind. Well damn there was no caution. I could fuck anyone I wanted...so who did I want to fuck? I started looking around work, nobody fuckable there. The gym, my bank, the grocery store, my apartment? I wanted to keep my fuck life and my life separate. I was still cautious. Finally I decided to go where else the club. Why mess with tradition, that's where people go that want to get laid.

I didn't want to pick up just any lame. Believe me since The Cure came out every dude was in my face. Old, young, ugly, rich, poor. Men really loved having The Cure at their disposal. Prostitutes was making money hand over fist. I got hit on everyday...baby you know I'm clean why you bullshitting? I was kind of disgusted by the uggmoes that were all in my face. I decided to take my sex fate in my own hands and find a guy I wanted to fuck and hope he would rock my little 22 year old never had sex without a condom life!

One Friday night I got all dolled up and went downtown by myself. I went to a club that was a local hot spot. Known for having a good looking crowd. The bouncers did not play and was really about having a sexy crowd in the place. I went straight to the bar and got myself a shot of Patron and a Patron Margarita to sip on. I made my way thru the crowd scoping the scene trying to find a cutie. So many guys tried to stop me and talk, but I kept it moving I was holding out for a real sexy dude. I began to wonder why I was so picky and stuck up, I needed to get out of my own way and just fuck for fucks sake. I decided this wasn't my night and walked out the club. When I got outside I noticed I was pretty tipsy. I went into a little Diner along the street to get a cup of tea and sober up before driving home. I sat at my table and when I looked up to order my waiter was hot. He was about 5'10", dark, bald and had the cutest dimples. "I'll just take a tea."
I said. "That's perfect you are my last table and it's been one of those days. I'll be right back with your tea." I watched as he walked away. Great body. How was I going to fuck him tonight. I better get into mode before my liquor courage wore off. When he returned with my tea I said, "Maybe I can help you out with that hard day." He sort of furrowed his brow and looked at me for a long minute. " Are you trying to come home with me or something?" he asked. I was nervous...."Yeah, I am," I said. "Be ready to roll in 10 minutes."

In 10 minutes I was in his car nervous as hell but also pretty horny. He kept his hand on my leg as we sped down the interstate to his side of town. As we parked he said, "My brother is my roommate and he's home, I hope that doesn't freak you out." I looked at him and shrugged my shoulders. We walked into his living room and his brother was on the couch in his underwear. I was more shocked because they looked just alike. I put two and two together, twins. How can I fuck both of them I thought. If I was going to do this I might as well go big or go home. I asked Brother 1 if he had any Patron. He smirked at me and said always. I sat on the couch by Brother 2 and stared at the TV in silence. Brother one came back with a bottle of Patron and 3 shot glasses. He sat everything on the living room table and poured our shots. We all drank. He poured again. We all drank. Both brothers looked at each other and Brother 1 poured again. We all drank.

I was feeling no pain after that 3rd shot. I kinda sank into the couch by Brother 2. Brother 1 kneeled in front of me and spread my legs and pushed my dress up and started kissing my stomach and thighs. Brother 2 leaned in and started kissing me and rubbing my breast. The double sensation was wonderful. Brother 1 slowly peeled off my underwear while Brother 2 was getting my straps from my bra down and putting his mouth on my breast and nipples. Brother 1 slowly and with much attention starting putting his soft tongue and mouth on my clit. I had never felt such pleasure in my life. All my senses where filled up. One was kissing and licking my breast and mouth up top. While the other was below kissing and licking my pussy. Brother 1 started rubbing my asshole with his thumb and I almost passed out it felt so good. No one had ever done that too me before, well I had never allowed it to happen. Damn I had been missing out. They kept going and going until I came.
I came so hard I felt weak after.

They let me rest for just a little bit. Bother 1 took off his clothes while Brother 2 took off his underwear and went to sit in the lazy boy in the living room. I didn't know what they were going to do to me next. Bother 1 stood me up and took off my dress that was all crumpled up around my body. He stood me in front of Brother 2 and told me to suck his brothers dick. I kneeled down and did what I was told. He was large but not scary large. I took Brother 2 in my mouth and he played with my hair, which I liked. Brother 1 started eating me from behind and if felt so good I didn't think I could take it. I was trying to suck his brothers dick while he was eating me from the back but I was failing. Brother 1 stopped and said...I think she's ready. Brother 2 just nodded. Brother 1 stood me up to face him. He slowly lowered me on his brothers hard dick. Brother 2 guided his dick into my ass.

My eyes got wide, but brother 1 started kissing me so tender that I relaxed. Before I knew what happened I was sitting ass deep on Brother 2's dick. He let the chair back slowly and moved us close to the edge. Brother 1 spread my legs and his limber ass somehow got in my pussy. I gasped at the feeling. A raw dick in my ass and my pussy for the first time at the same time. Overwhelming. They rocked back and forth and we got into a rhythm and it felt incredible. Brother 2 was kissing the back of my neck and pulling my hair and head back. Brother 1 was kissing me. Brother 2 hands was on my clit from behind and driving me crazy. I can not count how many times I came that night. Sex without a condom was so good, these brothers were such great lovers. I was so lucky to be living in the time of The Cure!


  1. lawd! wouldn't that be wonderful....ho shit for all w/o the fear of disease...how fun!!! lmao

  2. I know....I was inspired to write it because of the song by Weezy...Everygirl. I wish I could fuck every dude in the world, well that I wanted. Without disease my morals would be out the door.


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