0 Facebook Freaking

I really wasn't trying to use Facebook to get my freak on. I don't like my biz all out in the streets, and ain't no better way to get your biz out in the streets than Facebook. It all started out innocently enough. It was a boring Wednesday at work and I was surfing the web instead of working at my desk. I went to The Events tab on Facebook to see what the haps was for the weekend. I like to peruse my friends events to see what they have poppin as well. One of my acquaintances was having a birthday party at Policy in D.C. on a Thursday. I had heard that place was jumping on Thursday but had never been. Well it was looking like I was about to have an excuse. I clicked 'see all' to peruse the 'confirmed guest' list. As I looked thru the pictures I spotted one brother that was so fine I did a triple take. In his picture he was smoking a cigar and looking very confident and dapper. I was hoping he would be at the party for real for real. I clicked on the attending tab and planned on looking for this sexy dude named Lennox.

I love D.C. always something to get into every night. It was a nice fall night. Not too cold yet, I was barely getting away with my strapless form fitting dress. I had parked close and was walking up the street getting cat calls from the professional men, and the bums. Only in D.C. The line wasn't long at all. I made my way upstairs and I liked the atmosphere. There was graffiti on the walls, chandeliers, a nice long bar, plenty of seating. I spotted my aquantenance and her party in the corner at a seating area with a huge Barack Obama mural on the wall. Hot! I spotted Lennox sitting close to the birthday girl. Were they together? I really didn't care, she wasn't my girl or anything. Just someone I knew thru this person and that person. I stood by and peeped game. Lennox lifted a bottle of Rose' and poured everyone around a glass. His toast was to the birthday girl, his cousin! Yes, no guilt on my part at all for wanting to fuck him on sight.

I wasn't close enough to get a glass for the first toast, so I bogarted my way thru the seating area to get next to Lennox. I found a glass and got in his face....."You missed my glass." I said sweet as pie. He looked down at me and said "Wouldn't want to do that." He smiled at me and the feeling went straight to my pussy. I drank my Rose' and looked right into his eyes the whole time. "Damn Sis, you sexy." He said. "You are too." I said. He took my hand and we danced. We chatted, danced and drank Rose' until 2am when they started to shut the place down. I was very tipsy and I wanted Lennox so very bad. He offered to drive me to my car. We waited for his car at valet, and that is when he started kissing me right there. We was PDA'ing all on 14th Street. The party goers where all making comments telling us to get a room. All I know is that his lips were super soft and he was smelling like Le' Male. We got in his truck and was kissing at every light before we got to my car.

I had a decision to make at that point, how was this going to go down. His truck was big but wasn't no room or time for no real foreplay. He had double parked by my car on a residential street, but someone could come by at any minute. I kissed him again and straddled him in the drivers seat. He put the seat back so I wasn't all up in the steering wheel. I was grinding him, and I liked the pressure I felt between my legs. I was very wet, Lennox was palming my ass and slipping his fingers in my pussy. He got a Magnum condom out of the armrest console. I unzipped his jeans and what sprang loose I was both happy and pleased with. It was long and thick. My, my, my! I moved back so he could slip the condom on. I was eager to sit on that lovely dick of his. As I sat down on it my body shuddered as I was filled up with his thickness. My clit was in on the action and I got into this wonderful rhythm and my pussy was feeling great.

He started rubbing my asshole and that really got me hot. The soft kissing, the asshole rubbing, and my clit being stimulated by his thickness was too much. I came quicker than I wanted, and way louder than 2:30am should allow on a Thursday night. We both kind of giggled and he asked if he could finish. This time he grabbed my hips and pumped me up and down on his dick. This time he was hitting some other spot deep inside me that I had never felt before. I realized I wasn't even making no noise, my mouth was just stuck in a silent O of pleasure. I was about to lose my religion again but he came before I exploded. I sat on him spent for a minute or two before I started to gather myself. He pulled some wet wipes from that middle console of his. I was beginning to think his truck was his personal fuck factory. I cleaned up as best I could and so did he. He leaned over and gave me a hug and a kiss and told me to call him.

I got in my car and realized I had probably just fucked a real player, and that I shouldn't call him ever again. I just chalked it up to a Facebook Fuck. A great fuck, but just a fuck!


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