2 What In The Sinful Fuck???

I'm not even gonna ASK how Bahama stumbled across this fuckery because CLEARLY she's no stranger to ho shit! LOL

And if you're STILL not sure exactly what these are, please get familiar

*Blank Stare* You actually have to send in a SELF portrait of your actual va-jay-jay and they create the replica of it...I'm all for self love but DAMN! LMAO!

Lets just move right along to my concerns:

Which one of y'all thought these were tulips or some shit, lmao???
Why the brown one looks burnt???
Where the fuck do you wear this to???
Why isn't this against the law???
Are there cock chains floating around somewhere???
Why one of them really does look like an open flower???


  1. Lawd, u and Bahama and the f*ckery that is these vulva necklaces. I wonder what would happen if I wore one to my job--a private, historically black college...whew, the mere thought of the reactions!

  2. :dies again:

    I really want one too!!


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