4 The Sweetest Taste

"Sometimes, it takes a little force," I explained to Whitney as we
struggled to seal a tub of Strawberry Cream icing. The frustration on
her face multiplied as she balanced the ten-gallon container on the
edge of the counter while I was trying to get it's fitted top back on.

"I knew we shouldn't have tried to taste this shit," she mumbled.
"Victor is going to kill us."

Her brows were fixated in a frustrated expression while she tilted
the tub more towards her stomach. I pressed down on the top, trying to
move swiftly so I could relieve her of the weight of the sweet
topping. My sweaty hands slipped around the edges, and I poked her in
the side.

"Fuck," I uttered.

Unexpected laughter escaped her, before she finally pushed the tub
off of her. "Girl. I'm not fumbling with that shit anymore. Your ass
done stabbed me with those claws you call nails."

I frowned and situated the icing back on the counter the way Whitney
and I had found it before we'd embarked on our sampling adventure. I
still tried my best to place the top back on for a few more moments
before I joined my roommate in our living room. She was stretched
across the couch fumbling with the remote to the television when I
plopped beside her.

"Victor is going to kill us," I repeated her earlier words.
She smirked, "He ain't my man. He'll kill YOU."
I fell all the way back into our micro-fiber sectional. The big
pillows were soft and comfortable. They comforted me when I exhaled
dramatically and sank into them. I tried to think of excuses to give
Victor. I needed a creative way to explain why Whitney and I had
sabotaged the custom made icing for his mother's bakery.

He had ordered it as a surprise for her grand opening and opted to
have it delivered to my apartment, since Whitney worked from home. It
seemed like a perfectly good idea until the four boxes of icing
arrived. We immediately began eyeballing the kitchen, unable to resist
the calling of the Strawberry Cream masterpiece.

I knew when we cut through the packaging tape of the Fed Ex box that
we were making a mistake, but we concocted a story of how we mistook
the icing's box for a package addressed to one of us. Too bad we
couldn't get the top back on the tub.

I sighed and snuggled myself closer to Whitney. Her thick thighs
were the perfect place to lay my head as I thought of the right words
to say. She groaned and placed her arm around me. It fell over my
shoulder, giving my chills. I smiled up at her and shook my head in
shame. We both knew what we had done was WRONG.

"When is he coming to pick it up anyway?" The softness of her voice
swirled around my ears. Her question lingered in the air while I tried
to read her body language. She lay still, staring back at me. Her
brown eyes were glistening in the light from the TV that danced in our
dark apartment.

It wasn't until then that I noticed her hardened nipples. They stuck
up boldly under her pink tank top. I traced her mocha skin with my
eyes, not bothering to suppress the urge that was growing inside of
me. Her skin looked hot. I imagined that steam was rising from her
chocolate flesh as she awaited my answer.

"Why?" was all I could muster beyond the knot caught in my throat. I
tried to swallow past the lump of nervousness and form a more inviting
question, but Whitney interrupted my weak attempt with a try of her

"I was just wondering," spilled out of her mouth. Her full lips that
were glossed with something that I was sure tasted like bubble gum,
curled up at the corners and formed a sultry smile. She pushed the
naturally curly tresses from her face and shifted her body.

I changed my position by sitting up straight and watched intently as
her legs fell open. She was only wearing a night shirt and panties. It
was a cute matching set that I'd bought her from Victoria's Secret. I
searched her beautiful body while she lay in that position and
imagined tasting the wetness between her thighs.

She scooted away from me and released a tense sigh. Her wide eyes
danced in the bright white light that was casted on her face. I could
tell she was confused about how to get what she wanted from me. She
remained silent, biting down on her bottom lip with her eyes straying
away from mine.

I decided that I was going to "meet her halfway" but before I could
find a way to express that, Whitney was tugging one of the straps of
her tank top down her shoulder. That's all I was waiting for. Excited,
I rushed between her legs and eagerly reached to pull down the other.
Our eyes met for a moment, and relief took over her expression.
Together the two of us worked her tank top down her body uncovering
her small breasts that fell free in the apartments warm air. Once
exposed her nipples, dark and erect stole attention from Whitney's
beautiful face. I kissed her collar bone, to create the illusion of me
taking my time and then took her left one into my mouth. I flicked it
and, as if I turned on a light switch, Whitney let out a grateful

Almost immediately her hips began to grind under my weight. We were
in the most awkward position as I teased her, moving from her left
breast to her right. I traced lines with my tongue all over her upper
body that wasn't covered with her pushed down clothing. I planted
kisses between her breast, and grabbed one with each hand. Licking
down the center, I tried to push her shirt down as far as it would go
with my chin.

Frustrated, Whitney grabbed her shirt and stretched it. I gave her
room to pull it down her body and slide it past her hips, then hooked
my index finger on her panties. She flashed me a devilish smile as she
lifted her body for me to pull them off as well.
"When will he come?" She asked me again.

I shrugged and tugged her underwear down revealing her perfectly
groomed love haven. I literally licked my lips and smiled at her.
Every since Whitney and I had first indulged in clandestine roommate
endeavors I'd developed a love for smearing my face between her legs.
Its one thing that we always agreed on. I loved the taste and she
loved the feeling.

I tried my best to return to my position with my hands on her
breast, but this time my kisses and licks were rushed. I traced my
tongue down her body, and as I approached her pussy Whitney gave my
head an extra push. She slid her fingers through my hair and locked
them into position at the back of my head with anticipation, and
gently massaged my scalp as I licked her trembling thighs.

"Please Tiff, don't..." She groaned.

I continued to plant kisses on every place that I knew wasn't the
right spot. She whimpered and squirmed, attempting to push my head
closer to her useless thrusting. I reached my hands up and tickled her
nipples. I rubbed my nose around her slit, inhaled her exotic scent
deeply and counted to myself.

"Please, don't tease," she cried. "Gimme."

She whined the word 'gimme' like a child begging for candy. I was so
turned on. I felt my own nipples craving for attention as fluid began
to drench my panties. I knew I wanted to taste her. I knew I wanted my
mouth surrounding her clit. I also knew how much she would beg me
though, if I only continued to count.

I slid my hand inside of my own panties and swirled it around my
clit. It throbbed under the pads of my fingers and sent chills through
my body. Whitney continued to grind her hips and took a cue from me.
She dipped her fingers in her own wetness and slurred the words 'fuck
you Tiffany' as she sank deeper into the couch. I planted more kisses
on her thighs and offered my drenched fingers to her.

"Taste it," I demanded.

She shook her head 'no', arched her back, cursed at me again and
slipped her fingers inside of her pussy. Jealous, I began to nip at
her hand with my teeth. She gave herself a few more thrusts before I
pushed them away and offered her my tongue instead. I slipped it as
far as I could inside of her and neglected her breast to rub her clit
with my thumb.

Animalistic yelps escaped her as she pushed my head closer to her
body. I struggled to taste her g-spot, rubbing my tongue in
'in-and-out' motions across the top of her love canal. Whitney was
grateful, praising my name and whining her hips in the sexiest way she
could possibly manage. I could feel her walls closing in around my
tongue, and I dug a little deeper for her. I gave it to her the way I
was sure she loved it.

"Oh my god," she gasped loudly and tried to back away from my grip.
I tugged her closer to me, pulled with all of my might as she fought
to free herself. I removed my thumb and slicked it around her clit,
sucked it into my mouth and flicked it, then danced circles around her
love nub.

Torn, Whitney begged me to stop and pushed my head deeper between
her thighs. She kept moaning, but kept trying to escape. I relished
her juices, made shameless slurping sounds and rubbed my obsessed face
across her clit. She screamed my name in a sob-like moan, and
unwillingly bucked against my face. She told me to stop again and
tried to escape.

It wasn't until she said his name that I opened my eyes. I dared not
look around. I immediately slipped into a paralytic state. My tongue
was glued to her throbbing and excited clit, laying still - simply
pressed against it. I closed my eyes tight, and then cursed to myself,
upset that I had just noticed the dark shadow that was cast upon us.
In my peripheral I could see his still silhouette. I imagined his eyes
glaring down on my betrayal with disgust. I could feel the tears
swelling up in my eyes.

I took my tongue from Whitney and she gasped for air as if she were
holding her breath.

"Victor," she repeated as if the reiteration was necessary.
His heavy hand stroked my hair in a swift but rugged movement.
Knocking my roommate's hand away, he clinched his fist and pulled my
head back, my long strands now tangled between his fingers. I stared
up at him as he glared back at me. My eyes began to water and plead
with him in the darkness.

"Please don't hit her," Whitney begged with her legs still opened to
me. Her pussy was still glistening in front of me, her sweet aroma
filling my nostrils with a now uninvited bliss.
I was in trouble, yet my hand was still in my pants and my mouth was
still longing for more of the sweetest thing I'd ever tasted.
As if reading my mind, Victor pressed my face back into Whitney and
he groaned.

"Let her come," his deep voice boomed and echoed in my brain.
My eyes glanced at Whitney who was staring up in fear at Victor. I
hesitated and watched her face. Her eyes softened and her expression
slowly changed from a panicked one to one of calm.
I looked at my sneaky ass boyfriend who was in the process of
sliding his dick out of his boxers. It didn't take night vision to see
his hardness pulsating in his hand. He looked down at me, no trace of
anger left in his eyes, and began to massage himself without changing
his expression.

Whitney looked at me, and then back at Victor and motioned for him
to come to her. She parted her lips slowly, then let her eyes dart
back to mine. I nodded my approval, and Victor - his smile and
throbbing dick as well - shuffled over to her with his pants wrapped
around his ankles.

Jealousy overcame me again as she sat up and took him into her
mouth. My clit was throbbing, longing for her lips to kiss it and
instead she was devouring Victor's erection. She balanced on one hand,
and grabbed his shaft with the other, took him deep inside and licked
his head once he was back out. I watched her repeat the movements with
skill until he finally repeated himself.

"She hasn't come yet," he reminded me.

With a pout on my face, I began to lap in her wetness that seemed to
have multiplied. She moaned and scooted her body as closely as she
could to me without breaking her rhythm with Victor. In an envious
rage, I pressed into her to try to steal the attention away from him.
I went back to work, sucking her clit back into my mouth, flicking it
gently and driving it in circles with my head movements. I slipped two
fingers inside of her and curled them mercilessly, scratching her
kitty gently with my acrylic nails. She groaned with a full mouth,
thanked me by pleasing him - and he thanked me aloud.

Their moaning became loud and out of control. Whitney was thrusting
against my lips, and Victor had a death grip on her head as he pounded
her face, his balls smacking her chin. All I heard was their moaning,
the slurping and squishing coming from in front of me, and the
smacking and suckling that was coming from them.

I looked at Victor, who's eyes were closed tight. He was focused,
obviously on the edge of erupting. Whitney was already on the brink of
her second orgasm, moaning violently and hungrily letting him slide
into her mouth. At this point, one of her hands was forcing my head
between her thighs and the other was gripping Victor's ass. She looked
like a sex goddess as she mastered the two of us. Her dank abs we're
flexing, she was moaning and sucking, letting his come drip down her

He backed away from her with a gasp and immediately she fell back
screaming, sliding into me giving me my turn to shine. Both of her
hands were now on my head as she rode the throes of pleasure my tongue
was sending her. My face was hurting, my clit was pulsating and my
nipples aching to be touched. My body was starving. As if reading my
mind full of complaints, she took no time to buck and tremble her way
into yet another climax. Then, she relaxed into the soft cushioning of
our oversized sectional.

Hyper breathing filled the air. Victor was leaning against the
entertainment center, staring at us with a wide-eyed expression. He
was thrilled at the sight of me pleasing Whitney the way that I had. I
starred at him, turned on by him accepting my fetish for licking

"Why aren't you naked?" He panted.

I shrugged and smiled, then rose up from my favorite place to be. I
signaled for him to come to me and lifted my arms to him. He traced
his fingers over my diamond-hard nipples and a groan rumbled deep in
his throat.

Whitney finally closed her thighs and slid off of the couch. I
peaked at her struggling to walk into the kitchen with her wobbling
knees. She disappeared and left me and Victor to remove my clothes
that were soaked with my sweat.

He lifted my shirt over my head and dropped to his knees. His warm
hands reached around my back and unfastened my bra before he motioned
for me to lean back. I smiled at his touches and allowed for him to
slide my panties over my peanut butter thighs. He spread my legs and
chuckled at the site of the mess I'd made.

"Why the fuck are you so wet?" He laughed.

I answered him with a groan. I prayed that he'd wait for Whitney to
return, or ask her to pleasure me this time around. I wanted her lips.
I needed his dick. The two of them definitely had to work something
out. He slid a finger inside of me and worked it around my g-spot. I
closed my eyes and grabbed my nipples rolling them between my fingers.
Victor watched me and used his other hand to run his thumb over my
clit. My body quivered with delight. Before I realized it I was
squirming and whimpering begging to be fucked.

"This is the sweetest thing I've ever tasted," Whitney said emerging
from the kitchen licking the fingers on her left hand. She maneuvered
around the couch and stuck a finger in Victor's mouth. He sucked and
then lapped at them.

"What's that?"
"This," she smiled, "is some strawberry icing that came from the
delivery guy today."

I smiled in the darkness as she shoved him aside and used her right
hand to smear the rest of the icing all over my body. He fell away
from the two of us with a childish grin on his face.

Whitney continued, "but I wasn't talking about the icing."
"Oh, so you two bitches do this all of the time?" He chimed.
"No!" I blurted out, in a panic.

Whitney lowered her mouth to my body and sent electric licks and
kisses surging through me. She followed the path that the icing made,
from my neck, to my collar bone then to my breasts. She licked circles
around my nipples and moaned with delight.
"Doesn't seem that way," Victor smirked.

I looked at him, making sure he was okay with the sight of her
teasing my breast. I was going to thoroughly enjoy her lapping away at
my clit, and I wanted to be sure he would be cool until I came. The
grin still hadn't vanished though. In fact, he was pulling his pants
from around his ankles.

He laid back on the couch, with his butt at the very edge of the
cushion. His hardness was sticking in the air, waiting to fill my
warmth. He called for Whitney's attention, "Why don't you go fetch
some more of that icing so Tiffany can get situated over here?"

Her eyes lit up, and she immediately obeyed. I shook uncontrollably
as I moved toward him, hungrily anticipating him inside of me. With no
hesitation he directed me to sit on him, facing the tv. I was too busy
longing to ask questions, instead I straddled him. I sank on to him
with ease and he filled me up right away. He gripped my hips and
pushed me to rock.

I created a rhythm and rocked back and forth, building a fierce
momentum. He slowly lifted one of my legs and pulled it back,
spreading me open as far as I could be spread. He spread his legs as
well, using them to lock mine open. He reached around my body and
patted my clit.

"Whit's mouth is going to go here."

I moaned loudly at the thought and twisted my nipples even more.
Pleasure was swelling slowly inside of me, and I swallowed hard at the
thought of her covering my clit with her saliva. I closed my eyes
tightly rocked harder on top of Victor. He was squeezing my hips
tight, swallowing his moans and letting them stay inside of him. I
felt him throbbing though, I felt his knees wobbling.
Whitney came to us with her fingers covered in strawberry icing. She
fed me some, slicked it over my lips and then my nipples. She dabbed
a little on my belly button, and then licked the rest off of her

My sex goddess of a roommate followed her trail of sugary frosting
with her lips. Slicking her tongue around my anxious skin until it
landed on my clit. She didn't tease me the ways I did her. Instead she
gripped me on my waist, her hands right above Victor's and sucked and
lapped at my pussy without remorse.

He thrusted gently, I rocked and she let her tongue dance all over
my slit. Victor moved his hands from my hips, cupped my breasts and
grunted loudly. He was going to come. The animal in him wanted to fuck
me silly, but he restrained himself, squeezed my breast and shoved his
dick as deep as it would go inside of me, then fed me little,
intricate pumps. Whitney's head was bobbing up and down with us, but
she was latched on to my clit, flicking it wildly and quickly.

I was on the brink of an explosion. I dropped my head back, one hand
on Victor's thigh and the other gripping Whitney's curls. Moans
escaped me as tiny bursts of ecstacy spurted around my body. My toes
curled, my nipples quivered, my vagina contracted and my clit spasmed.
I was in a pleasure overload. All I could do was scream and pray that
the two of them would not stop.

Between Victor's hands wrapped around my front and Whitney's
gripping my waist, my body was held up when it went limp from
exhaustion. I closed my eyes tight and laid back on top of my man
after releasing his penis from the hold my pussy had on it. Whitney
took her cues from us and climbed on the big couch as well snuggling
as close to us as she possibly could.

I rolled over and made room for her, letting her have one of his
shoulders. He held the both of us close, and we shared the warm air of
the apartment in silence until Whitney's eyes met mine and we both

"That icing was good though," I chuckled.
"Mm mmmm," she moaned.
Victor nodded, "Damn right."

-written by Ke.


  1. Whew!*fanning myself* That story was beyond HOT!!!

  2. Wow! What a twist. I loved that one.

  3. OOOOHHH EHMMM GHEEEE!!! That was beyond hot.. that was scorching! Odie.. loved every minute of it.. you're turning out to be quite the writer!

  4. can't take credit for that one, its a guest post...but yes she did a wonderful job...


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