1 Ice Past Your Waistline

Photo Credit: Jafar M. Pierre

An ice cube in my mouth
is an ice cube to your neck
Slide it down your skin
let it glide across your breast
Rub it down to your navel
You get chills as I get low
Once I cross your waistline
you know where the ice is about to go
New cube between your thighs
I see you rolling
and tightening your eyes
Grip my head
spread your legs
as I slowly put the ice inside
I see you shake a little
as my tongue starts to wiggle
Now that’s one cold cherry
So I kiss the stem until it bust up on my dimple
I promise I’m in love with your juice
That’s the perfect taste for me
Its like your my vitamins
You got that smoothie for a king
My lips for your lips now that’s a perfect French kiss
Your Vicky Secs mark the spot
And you know I never miss
If you had a long day
I’ll eat your stress away
Long as you keep that steak cooking
My appetite is here to stay

Written By: Sonnie InkStar http://inkstarzz.com

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