4 Steak & Stilettos

“So that’s how you feel?”

“Yeah, that’s how I feel!”

“Are you sure?”

“Muhfukka, I said it didn’t I?!”

Devin & Sheryl had been arguing for weeks … really days but it felt like months. Nothing Sheryl did seemed right & Devin was getting on her last nerve.

Although they had been together for 2 years it seemed like they were complete strangers.

Suddenly, Sheryl’s goals weren’t the same as Devin’s & Devin’s goals didn’t have anything to do with Sheryl.

… Or so they thought.

What Sheryl didn’t know was Devin had just purchased a romantic vacation in the Bahamas where he was planning to put the 10 carat diamond engagement ring – another recent purchase- on her left ring finger. As much as they were fighting, Devin knew she was THE ONE and was tired of being a “boyfriend”- he wanted to be her HUSBAND.

Ironically enough, the cause of their fight was a sexy night, the otherwise conservative, Sheryl had planned. Sheryl, got off work early, made his favorite dinner, and had a shiny & sticky dessert waiting in the bedroom.
See what Devin didn’t know was that, Sheryl had a secret of her own. Her “Book Club” meetings with the girls, were really pole dance classes at The Pole Hole on MLK, Jr. Blvd. Yes, for her man even Sheryl’s ultra- sadditty ass would venture to the hood. So after all the cooking, cleaning, twurking, & jerking she was EXTRA pissed when Devin came home an hour late from work.

As he entered the door, he was greeted with:

“Where the fuck have you been?”

“I was at work babe! Can I get a ‘Hello’?! DAMN!!”

“Hello! DAMN you were supposed to be here an hour ago DEVIN”

“I got caught up … with a client… on the phone, I..”

“Shut UP! JUST SHUT UP!! I don’t want to hear it! I am so sick of your excuses!! Mostly, I’m just sick of YOU”

…And that, my friends, is where we enter the story…

Heartbroken, all Devin could do was try to find out if she really meant what she had said.
As he went to reach for her to hold her, she smacked his hand away.

“Don’t touch me,” she said. Sheryl was poking him and Devin was trying to back away but he found himself wedged between the dining room table & and angry woman.
Which is JUST what Sheryl wanted ;-)

As Devin stammered to try to get in the conversation, Sheryl unbuttoned then unzipped his pants. His words drifted off as he felt the warm softness of her mouth. Confused and a little scared he started to push her off him but SHIT- he thought- her tongue moving up & down his dick was feeling too good. So good in fact, he didn’t realize they had slid down to the floor until began shaking as he came in her mouth and hit his head on a leg of the table.
“FUCK!!” he screamed holding his new speedknot.

“Oh that’s what we’re about to do” Sheryl replied as she wiped the corners of her mouth and headed towards the bedroom.

Still confused Devin followed Sheryl into the bedroom, which she had transformed from English country to sex dungeon raunchy.

“This bitch has lost her mind,” he thought to himself. Quite the contrary, the argument was a distraction, the dinner was for later & Sheryl was eager to show Devin the things she’d learned at The Pole Hole. She had stripped out of her business suit on the way to the room. Standing there in her bra & panties which was sheer with just a hint of purple, Sheryl’s full breasts, thick thighs & legs were hypnotic in the mix of baby oil & candlelight.

She pulled Devin -shirt half-unbuttoned, pants hanging open- down to the floor using his tie. Sheryl pulled his shoes, then pants off as she kissed and licked all along his pelvis.
Devin could feel his dick getting hard again and decided to let go of the argument they had not 10 minutes prior. Obviously, she wasn’t that mad or maybe it was a set up to kill him. He settled on “Fuck it! If Imma die this is how I want to go”.

The Show
After Sheryl got him naked she pulled him closer to the pole she had set up in the bedroom. She climbed up the pole with the stealth and agility of a cheetah. Once at the top she flipped her upside down, and slid down the pole winding around slowly. As she spun around the light would catch an ass cheek or a breast just slightly but enough to make Devin’s dick throb. When she was close enough she pulled his meat into her mouth again and began to lick and suck and stroke while balancing herself with her legs still wrapped around the pole.

He looked at her head, then at her ass that was all curves in the candlelight and arched perfectly from her being on the pole. Just as it was feeling really gooooood to him she pushed herself up and flipped with her thick already wet pussy landing perfectly at is neck.

“Fuck them purple panties” he thought as he went to rip… yes RIP… them off! Devin wanted a taste and was tired of waiting. He put his whole face in it! Licking her clit in circles & spelling his name with his tongue until he felt her juices drip down his chin. As soon as she came, he wrapped his arm around her waist & turned her over. As he entered her he kissed her one time on the back of the neck to let her know that she was loved, then he pounded that pussy like it was a boxing match and his dick was Muhammed Ali- THE GREATEST!!

They fucked all night:
Kiss…Suck… Pull… CUM

Deep breath… Lick… Wet… CUM

Moan… Bite… Stroke… CUM

Grab… Sweat… Taste … CUM

Until they passed out on opposite sides of the room.

When Sheryl woke up, she was surprised to find Devin already up & a plane ticket next to her orange juice.

-Written By: Cristal Bubblin http://www.cristalbubblin.com/


  1. Ummmmmmmmmmmmm I'm need to call in now lol

  2. Wow Makes me want to take pole dance lessons! HHmmHH!

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