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So, LGC has been serving you up with an entree of erotic dishes that have hopefully been fulfilling your sexual appetites. One of the most unique things about this site is that myself & my co-authors all write from different perspectives, which continues to open the doors for lots of versatility. I wanted this site to be an outlet with very minimum censorship and lots of creativity.

As you may or may not know I manage 3 different blogs all of which have different content, not to mention I have a day job. LOL! So, it makes it a little strenuous to update as often as I'd like to. Which brings me to my point, we've gotten off to a good start and I'd like to keep it going!

We are ALWAYS looking for content to post here. If you're interested in guest blogging, have a few ideas, or if theirs something you'd like to see on the site please don't hesitate to contact me odara@lipglosschronicles.com Also, our First Time Friday feature is still open for submissions so feel free to contribute.

I want to thank EVERYONE who continues to contribute to the upkeep of this site, all of my co-authors! Love y'all & you are greatly appreciated. And most importantly we would all like to thank the READERS for supporting!

So lets get the ball rolling and keep the content cumming, ok?!


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