2 First Time Friday...

I remember my first time like it happened two hours ago...I lost my virginity exactly one month after my 21st birthday. I really wasn't expecting it to happen that night but the opportunity was there and I said "Fuck it" I've waited long enough let me see what the big deal about sex was.

I kept dodging my friend/biggest crush’s request to hang out. Finally that night I gave in. He came over and for an hour we were watching some show while music was playing in the background. All the while I'm sitting there thinking I just wasted my time shaving down there for no reason because he really wasn't making any moves. Finally I decided to break the ice “You never gave me a birthday present" he smiled and said "well what did you want". I bit my lip and blurted out "You". Next thing I knew he was on top of me kissing me passionately one hand on my breast, the other rubbing on my pussy. I was already getting wet. He started to pull up my shirt and I was already touching his six pack. The reflection of his caramel skin against my dark chocolate body drove me wild. He started to lick and suck my breasts like a newborn. I knew my 38DD breasts always seemed to drive him wild.

Then he got up and went for his pockets, I heard the wrapper open and thought “OMG this is it am I really going to do this?". Before I could answer my thoughts he was back on top and without so much as a warning he started to push in. I gasped the pain was more than any other thing I had ever felt. It felt like someone was playing with a match ever so lightly around that area. With each thrust another shot of pain soared through my body. But I didn't want to seem as weak so I started to moan to prevent me from screaming. He picked up his pace and the pain became so intense I barely muttered the word “Stop”. He stared at me and I swear he was trying to find the right words to say. Instead he leaned down and started to kiss me, and then my neck and then he said “do you want me to stop”. I shook my head no and I was telling the truth because in that moment I knew that there was no backing out now. He started up again and slowed down his pace I moaned still in pain and after what felt like a life time his body began to shake. He let out a low, soft moan and he came. We laid there for a couple of minutes. I got up to go to the bathroom to see if my vagina was still intact. I wiped and there was blood. I said to myself my god he broke my hymen the first time. I came back and we started again, he wanted to taste me but I told him I was bleeding he seemed a little disappointed. I wanted my first time to be my first for everything (not anal) I decided I was going to see the monster that gave my pussy a KO. He was very well endowed, and he was wide. I kissed it, sucked it, and rubbed on the head with my lips. I could smell the subtle undertone of cologne, Unforgivable. I took him in my mouth and listened as he moaned.

That night after he left I smiled as I lay in bed because I was happy for waiting for that moment for so long. We’ve been at it like bunnies ever since, and the 3rd time I took him in my mouth was the 1st time he came from oral sex. BTW I got to experience him tasting me but that’s another st….


  1. This what Odeezy been up to these past couple months... I shoulda known. When someone goes missing, some hoe shit usually is accountable for it. I ain't mad atch'ya thou. You always did have some nice blogs. Keep it up.

  2. Jigga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! long time no chat :-D I hope all is well with you!!!


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