6 The Ex~Factor

You lied to me.

I made it so easy for you, so you didn’t have to lie.

You wrapped me up with your charm. I rode you through Erotic City. But when you unwrapped me, the Truth was revealed. Your Truth. They call it a ‘red flag’. Unfortunately, I saw you through lust~tinted glasses. I buried your Truth deep within my delusion because our fantasy was the talk of the town. The good~ol' days.

Kissing you felt like I was ingesting liquid soul.
You were my religion. I was your cult.

I was your leader. You were my follower.
Together we were like black magic.
I was the God to your Satan.

You were the Teacher to my Student.
Surely you understand that I had to cheat on you because our Second Act would have been a bore had we both remained faithful.

I cheated. You cried. Told our friends that I “Broke Your Heart.”

“Oh yeah? Well you broke my heart too. Fucker. You cheated me out of something Real when you lied."

Had I taken off the lust~tinted glasses, I would have cheated on you sooner. I didn’t cheat because I didn’t love you. I cheated because I had to. It’s in my nature. Surely, you understand. It's in your nature too but, somehow, you've managed to suppress it.

You gave me the boot via a mixtape, and soon thereafter you had new pussy following behind you. She must have been lingering in your backyard all along. Waiting for me to slip~up so she can make her move. I know you were a willing recipient. You married her, and you continue to pay the storage fees for her emotional baggage. I’m not mad. I could have been her, your wife. But I wouldn’t have experienced Life.

Do you remember when you told me that I wasn’t ‘your people’ approved? You took me on a high speed getaway. I sucked your dick anyway. I later learned that it was all a lie. The Truth of your Reality was based on a lie that may have been true before my time.

Instead of stalking me, you should have paid more attention to me. You saw only what you wanted to see.

Surely you understand that you sent me running to into his arms. Yes, he caught me and held me tight, but only for a couple of nights. That’s all I needed. That’s all my type ever needs. A quick fix. Absolution. Immediate gratification.

Honestly, if you called me right now, I would cum over and fuck you until you were sorry you dumped me. And then I would ignore you, because it's the only way you'll remember me.


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